Personal and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Ravin Greenberg, LLC helps individuals and businesses file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection to eliminate debt. Filing a Chapter 7 can provide a much needed “fresh start” on financial affairs, allowing an individual to turn over a new leaf. Chapter 7 provides our clients an opportunity to achieve peace of mind that the past is truly in the past and allows our clients to move forward with new financial goals.

Unfortunately for many people, uncontrollable circumstantial events can happen that lead to an inability to pay bills. These situations are different for everyone. They could be related to job loss, illness, divorce, economic downturn, death of a spouse, injury, or simply the increased costs of living.

Our clients are not alone. In the U.S., millions of people and businesses are unable to pay their debts every year. According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, almost 1,000,000.00 people filed for bankruptcy in 2015, with nearly 65% of those being Chapter 7 bankruptcies.

Most civilized societies have come to the conclusion that if an individual really can’t afford to pay his or her debts, it is best – for both moral and economic reasons – to allow that debt to be periodically forgiven. The idea and rationale behind the forgiveness of debts, and consequently, bankruptcy, is not a new one; it dates all the way back to biblical times, and is present in Jewish, Christian, Moslem, Hindu, and Buddhist religions. Our attorneys specialize in knowing exactly what will qualify an individual or a business to file for bankruptcy, and we are here to guide our clients through the process.
The moment we file a bankruptcy petition for our clients, debts are instantly frozen in time. Consequently, creditors, including bill collectors, lawyers, and collection agencies, are required to immediately cease all collection activities at the very instant the bankruptcy petition is filed.

Additionally, all pending foreclosures, wage garnishments, and judgment enforcement all must stop. If you think you may be in a position to file for bankruptcy, contact us as soon as possible – stopping collection efforts is the first step toward financial recovery.