Business and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is the preeminent forum for a business to restructure its obligations, resolve contentious litigation, wind down its affairs, and purchase or sell its assets. A financial restructuring in Chapter 11 often has many advantages over private transactions, but the process itself is complex, rule-driven, and counterintuitive for the uninitiated. Because of these complexities, a business filing for Chapter 11 is required to have counsel.

As an industry pioneer, Ravin Greenberg is experienced in virtually every aspect of a complex Chapter 11 case, including:

  • Case Commencement
  • Bankruptcy Motion Practice and Rules
  • Creditor Negotiation
  • Plan Promulgation
  • Claims Resolution
  • Bankruptcy Court Litigation

We maximize value for our clients’ estates, while minimizing the administrative costs of the case. At Ravin Greenberg, our attorneys appreciate that the recovery of assets must be measured carefully against the cost to achieve the result, including the cost of staying in business.

When a business seeks bankruptcy protection, we believe flexibility and creativity are important considerations. Our attorneys also understand and appreciate the vulnerability of these delicate situations, which is why we work very hard to maintain flexibility in our retainer structures for our Chapter 11 clients. We provide sophisticated legal solutions that are both practical and cost effective, and we’ve been doing it for decades.

Ravin Greenberg’s focus on bankruptcy and insolvency issues gives our firm significant advantages in experience, skill, efficiency and cost-effectiveness across the full range of Chapter 11 challenges.

Since the firm’s inception over 80 years ago, our firm has represented hundreds of financially distressed clients, ranging from large to small, in all types of industries. Contact us if your business is experiencing financial problems – we are here to help.