Creditor and Lender Representation


Traditionally known as a “Debtor’s Firm,” Ravin Greenberg’s attorneys thoroughly comprehend the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy playbook – because we helped write it!

With the right information, our attorneys can often anticipate the pattern of a Chapter 11 case. Over the course of decades, we have served as counsel to bond holders, trade creditors, creditor committees, and landlords, bringing to the table valuable knowledge and years of experience from hundreds of cases. Our expertise proves valuable to our clients when navigating the complexities of Chapter 11 cases.

Whether you are a small business pursuing collection of a claim, or a large institutional investor holding hundreds of millions of dollars of publicly traded debt instruments, we are equipped to efficiently handle the complexities of nearly any distressed situation. Historically, we have also represented unsecured creditors with specialized problems, such as franchisors, licensors, and licensees, and even the state of New Jersey.


Since the last economic downturn, Ravin Greenberg has developed a niche expertise representing both private and institutional real estate lenders seeking to protect or maximize claim values in distressed situations.

Often, an owner of distressed real estate will be advised to file for Chapter 11 by its counsel in an effort to frustrate its lender’s efforts to liquidate its claims, and in an attempt to gain a favorable legal forum in Bankruptcy Court. These “bad faith” bankruptcy filings can happen at any time but typically occur at the last possible moment, prior to judgment to a foreclosure sale.

However, depending on their goals, Lenders can, and do, have the ability to use the Chapter 11 processes to their own advantage. As Lenders’ counsel, our attorneys are trained to deal with these situations swiftly and effectively.

Our clients who are Lenders are repeat clients for a reason; they trust our expertise and ability to get the job done.